Premium Line FO OD Cable, Unitube, Steel Armored w/Two Steel Wire Strength Members, SM 9/125, 12C, PE

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Outdoor Parallel Steel Wires


The fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic.  The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of corrugated steel tape. Between the corrugated steel tape and the loose tube, water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable compact and watertight. Two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the corrugated steel tape. The cable is completed with a PE or LSOH sheath


  • Good mechanical and temperature performance
  • High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
  • Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
  • Crush resistance and flexibility
  • Steel tape enhancing moisture-proof
  • Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength
  • Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation


  • ITU-T G651 / G652D
  • ANSI/TIA 568-C.3
  • IEC-794
  • RoHS


  • Suitable for direct buried, aerial or duct installation

Ordering information:

Part No.                2671xyzzz

Description          Premium Line fiber optic outdoor cable, steel armored with two parallel steel wires strength, uni-tube

x, mode                 1: MM 62.5/125  2: SM 9/125  3: MM 50/125  4: MM/OM3  9: MM/OM4

y, sheath               2: LSOH     3: MDPE    6: HDPE

zzz, fiber count   002 / 004 / 006 / 008 / 012 / 016 / 024


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