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HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Rack Server – 8SFF (Refurbished)

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  • Dual CPU E5540 – 2.53GHz – 8MB
  • Smart Cache-4Cores – 8 Threads
  • RAM 16GB -(4*4GB 10600R )
  • 3*HDD 300GB SAS 10K

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The HP ProLiant DL360 G7 (DL 360 G7) 1U is designed for deployments where space is limited. It combines high computing power with the required level of resiliency and is equipped with the HP Insight Control software suite. The latest Intel Xeon® 5600 processors (six- and four-core), a choice of DDR3 Registered or Unbuffered DIMMs, SAS and PCI Express Gen2 technologies provide a high-performance system ideal for any demanding workload.


More performance and capacity in a compact package


Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 series improve performance, save energy and provide flexibility with support for: Integrated Memory Controller and Intel QuickPath Technologies, Turbo Boost, Intelligent Power Technologies, and Trusted Execution Technology
Increased capacity
Up to 192GB Registered DIMMs (up to 48GB Unbuffered): Memory buffers, 4: 1 interleaving, faster memory speeds, online spare memory, and more memory to help you run demanding applications
DL360 G7 (DL 360 G7) sets new standards in energy efficiency with HP Thermal Logic technologies such as Sea of ​​Sensors, Dynamic Power Capping, and High Efficiency / Power Chosen Power Supplies
1U form factor maximizes data center space
Intelligent flexible systems for complex dynamic environments
Health monitoring and rapid system deployment
Insight Control software provides essential infrastructure management tools that accelerate server deployment and effectively monitor system health and health from anywhere (standard on high performance models)
Remote control
iLO 3 provides hardware-based remote administration and control using a standard web browser, saving IT staff time and effort

Ease of deployment

SmartStart, Rapid Deployment Pack, PXE and ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) tools simplify server deployment and configuration

Embedded virtualization solutions

Support for virtualization technologies VMware, MS HyperV and Citrix XenServer; via internal SD card slot and USB port

Real-time health sensors

System Insight Display: Reliable pull-out diagnostic front panel display saves administrator time by providing information on faults and remedies

Effective reduction of energy consumption

The best performance indicators in the industry

These models provide the highest level of efficiency in the industry and are compliant with Climate Savers Computing Gold, 80PLUS Gold and Energy Star server standards.

High efficiency power supplies with standard slot

Power supplies with the right wattage for ProLiant servers ranging from 460W and 750W at 92% efficiency to 1200W at 90% efficiency. HP Power Calculator helps you find the right power supply

Smart power management

Unique HP Thermal Logic technologies: Intelligent power and cooling sensors. Intelligent power and cooling savers shut off power when system components are not in use and provide efficient cooling through fan control. Intelligent sensors manage power savings to protect, improve performance and save energy

Power Capping Technology to Reduce Energy Consumption

Insight Control software and Dynamic Power Capping technology improve power and cooling efficiency by up to three times. Dynamic Power Capping technology limits server power consumption without sacrificing performance and fully protects rack circuit breakers

Convenient server management

Ease of access

Simple tool-less design improves reliability and simplifies system setup and maintenance. Modular architecture and hot-swappable redundant components ensure minimal cabling and quick access to components for repair

Easy to install

Rapid Deployment System ensures easy installation and quick access to servers thanks to the versatile rails that fit square and round mounting racks, a mobile cable management bracket, and dedicated levers for quick access

Component compatibility

The use of universal drives, Smart Array controllers and power supplies improves IT infrastructure performance and simplifies component replacement

Ease of customization

ROM-based configuration and management increases uptime and simplifies setup. Backup ROM protects the platform during software updates, and ROM-based drivers simplify health monitoring regardless of the operating system used.


Number of processors 2
Maximum memory 192 GB
Memory slots 18 DIMM slots
Expansion slots 2 PCIe G2 slots – full length and height and low profile
Network Controller (2) 4-port 1GbE NC326i adapters
Power supply type Hot-swappable redundant power supply
Storage controller (1) Smart Array P410i built-in
Form factor (fully configured) 1U
Remote control software iLO 3
Warranty (Parts – Build Quality – Onsite Support) 3/3/3


Ordering information:


vendor code
579239-421 Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL360R07 X5650 HPM (Rack1U 2xXeon6C 2.66Ghz (12Mb) / 6x2GbRD / P410iwFBWC (1Gb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (8) SFF / noDVD / ICEPS 0)
579240-421 Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL360R07 E5640 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.66Ghz (12Mb) / 3x2GbRD / P410i (256Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / 4LxG3stdth / 1xR PS460)
579241-421 Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL360R07 E5630 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.53Ghz (12Mb) / 3x2GbRD / P410i (256Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / 4LxG3stdth / 1xR PS460)
579243-421 Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL360R07 E5506 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.13Ghz (4Mb) / 2x2GbRD / P410i (ZM / RAID1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / iLO3std / 4xG PS4
579242-421 Proliant DL360R07 L5630 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.13Ghz (12Mb) / 2x2GbUD / P410i (ZM / RAID1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / iLO3std / 4xGigEth / 1xR PS460Plat21
636365-421 Proliant DL360R07 X5675 HPM (Rack1U 2xXeon6C 3.06Ghz (12Mb) / 6x2GbRD / P410iwFBWC (1Gb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (8) SFF / noDVD / ICE / 4xGigEth60)
633776-421 Proliant DL360R07 E5649 (Rack1U Xeon6C 2.53Ghz (12Mb) / 3x2GbRD / P410i (256Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / iLO3std / 4xRigE60
633777-421 Proliant DL360R07 E5645 (Rack1U Xeon6C 2.4Ghz (12Mb) / 3x2GbRD / P410i (256Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / iLO3std / 4xGigEth / 1x)
633778-421 Proliant DL360R07 E5606 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.13Ghz (8Mb) / 2x2GbRD / P410i (ZM / RAID1 + 0/1/0) / noHDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / noDVD / iLO3std / 4xGig60th / 1xRPS4
470065-515 Proliant DL360R07 E5606 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.13Ghz (8Mb) / 1x2GbUD / P410iwBBWC (512Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / 1x146Gb15kSAS HDD (4 (8upgr)) SFF / DVDRWHd / iLxR )
470065-514 Proliant DL360R07 E5606 Rack1U / XeonQC 2.13G (8Mb) / 1x4GbR1D / P410i (256Mb / RAID (5/5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / HDD 1x300GB, 10k, SAS, (4 / 8up) SFF / DVDRW / iLO3std / 4xGigEth / 1xRPS460HE
470065-544 Proliant DL360R07 E5606 (Rack1U / XeonQC 2.13G (8Mb) / 1x4GbR1D / P410i (ZM / RAID (1 + 0/1/0) / HDD 1x300GB, 10k, SAS, (4 / 8up) SFF / DVDRW / iLO3std / 4xGigEth 1xR PS460HE)
470065-363 Proliant DL360R07 E5620 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.4Ghz (12Mb) / 3x4GbR2D / P410iwFBWC (512Mb / RAID5 / 5 + 0/1 + 0/1/0) / 3x146Gb10k (4 (8up)) SFF / DVDRW / 4xGPSE / 60
470065-454 Proliant DL360R07 E5506 (Rack1U XeonQC 2.13Ghz (4Mb) / 2x2GbRD / P410i (ZM / RAID1 + 0/1/0) / 2x146Gb10kSAS HDDs (4 (8upgr)) SFF / DVDRW / iLO3std / 4xRPS)
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